Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Texas Independence Day!!! God Bless Texas!!!

Today, is Texas Independence Day. It's the most important holiday in this here land. If you're not from Texas, you wouldn't understand. We have pride in our state. Honestly, how many times have you heard someone say "I'm proud to be from Kansas!", "Thank God for Wisconsin!", "I'm a proud citizens of Nevada!"? Here in Texas we love our state. We might disagree on politics, football, even religion, but at the end of the day we are all Texans!

We've got it all down here in Tejas: beautiful women, forests, deserts, mountains, the ocean, farms, ranches, oil, big hats, bigger trucks, cattle, guns, crazy politics, great accents, better music, incredible food, every sport imaginable, the Alamo, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, world champion athletes, NCAA champions, military bases, and more beautiful women.

Here are a couple of music videos informing you of our awesomeness. If you're a Texan, sit back and enjoy. If you're not a Texan, be jealous. Be very very jealous.

[HT: Texas in Africa for above video]


  1. Well, I'm not a native, but I got here fast as I could! I've been down her for 29 years yesterday, and I learned to drive on Central Expressway when it was just 2 lanes (and on-ramps about 5 feet long). I consider myself "naturalized" 'cuz ah reckon ah can also throw on a purty good accent, ifn I wont two. ;-)

    I'd seen the first video on TexasinAfrica's blog, but I'd never seen the GBT video before. Southfork is like 7 miles from my house!

  2. Hey, Michael. Hope ya'll are doing ok out there in Lubbock. Wanted to let you know you're missed...

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