Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Music Video Time!

Over here, Bill posted a worship video. It's awesome! You should definitely go check it out. When it comes to songs, I'm all about the words. Music is just an added bonus. Before I got turned onto Christian music, I listened almost exclusively to country music because I found the lyrics and stories very life-like. I still listen to country every now and then, but I just can't get away from good Christian music. Some might consider it corny or ridiculous, but I am spoken to through songs. Too bad I have no musical talent of my own . . .

Anyways, I'm posting this video by Casting Crowns. The song is Voice of Truth. This was the best edition I could find online. The live versions were incomplete, but like I said, I'm all about the words. This song has always meant a lot to me. When I lived in D.C., I used to play it every day before I got out of my truck and went to work. Still, today when I hear it, I pause and think about how NOTHING can defeat me if I am with Christ. This song literally takes me to another place (which is kinda scary if I'm driving). It's almost like God flips on the "worship" switch inside of me when I hear it regardless of what I'm doing, where I'm at, or who I'm with.

Here it is. Just close your eyes and listen.


  1. It is a good song Michael. Thanks for posting it and thanks for the shout out!

  2. It's an excellent song. Thanks for sharing it, and how you melt into such a state of worship. That's cool.

    I'm reading a Christian fiction book by Bill Meyers, called The Voice, where God's voiceprint was "recorded" in the molecular composition - when God spoke, it shifted the genetics of the things it touched - the rocks of the Jordan river when Jesus was baptized, etc. Very interesting concept - but when The Voice is "played" our reality melts into the light and singing that comes from the "other dimensions we can't see." Anyway, your "worship switch" made me think of that melting away so that all we know is worship.